How to Get Vaseline Off Fabric

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One of the many things, that you should be able to deal with yourself, is removing Vaseline clues from fabrics. The whole process is actually pretty simple, for that you will need paper towels, a spoon, corn starch and vacuum cleaner as well.

Begin with the spoon first. If it’s too much of that jelly thing, scrape it off with the use of the spoon. After most of the excess is removed, simply take paper towel and apply it onto the stain, press really hard you will soon notice how the Vaseline starts to transfer to the paper. At the very end apply corn starch on the spot and leave it like that for at least an hour. The corn starch will suck the oil from the fabric and it will dry the spot at the same time. Use the vacuum cleaner to pick the corn starch up.

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